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Das Unternehmen des Monats
Money Show started its activities in June of 2000. It is the first Hellenic internet site dedicated to the derivative products.

With the introduction of derivative products in August 1999 in the Greek market, investors came to face a totally new investment vehicle that hides opportunities as well as increased risks.

The mission of is to help inexperienced investors to avoid the pitfalls of these new products as well as to accommodate their needs in order to increase their investment toolkit.

This has been achieved by through the following steps:
  • Educating the market by extensive and comprehensive e-learning material (e-lectures) about derivative products and strategies and thus reinforcing knowledge of the broad public about these alternative investment vehicles
  • Promoting sound financial investments through comprehension
  • Providing daily updates of the Greek Derivatives market as well as analysis about the foreign markets.
  • Providing on-line interactive tools (calculators)

In achieving its objectives, has established the foundations for the emergence of a sophisticated investor community concerned with making sound investment decisions.

Our goals are to:

  • analyze and accommodate the needs of our target audience,
  • organize the investment information,
  • humanize and simplify the complexity of these products
  • motivate our members
  • increase awareness and promote derivatives as a viable financial investment alternative. is an independent company and does not belong under the umbrella of any financial institution. You can always trust for credential cooperation and analysis of the markets.

Money Show is a unique multi-forum conference that includes many events and corporate exhibition presentations of the investment sector, services to enterprises and the market of money.

Each year, it manages to assemble all the forces of the State, the national institutional bodies of money market, big investments and big players in the stock market.

Most important, the goals of the money show are to:
  • create a unique occasion of convergence and participation of all economic, enterprising, investment, political, social and Cultural institutions in Greece and the wider region, in a multi-forum event with a developmental, investment and financing character.
  • provide exposure to all participants to a wide and specialized public
  • give the opportunity of negotiations for collaborations with institutions that are active in the market
  • provide complete and overall briefing of the possibilities of the National and wider market as well as the development trends.
  • Raise important issues of the wider geopolitical region through their coordinated congress and exhibition projection.

Money Show visitors are businessmen (industry, tourism and trade sector), professionals (lawyers, economists, business consultants, accountants, brokers, managers, e.t.c) investors, executives, scientists and students on economics.


Our objective is transmitted through an essential, multifaceted promotion by the media that are selected based on their profile and the validity of information they offer.

The "Money Show" events are widely promoted by media of direct interest participants:
  • In the daily Economic and entrepreneurial press
  • In magazines interested on enterprises, Money Market and stoch exchange
  • In the international media (International Herald Tribune, Fortune Magazine, and CNN).

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